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Ivory Bridge is a band composed of friends who share a mutual love of Bluegrass music, who allow themselves the freedom to play from their experience of different styles to support whatever each song requires.  A beautiful music, respectful of the individual journey of each member, flows into an original sound that is both familiar and new.  This is the Ivory Bridge sound. Yes, most of our material is made from scratch with all of the band members contributing to the repertoire. We delight in making each tune what it is meant to be, be it a ballad, a love song, a swing tune, a spiritual, or a masterfully rendered instrumental. For your listening pleasure, this versatile band features solo, duet, trio and quartet vocal arrangements accompanied by instrumental solos, expertly placed fills and the occasional instrumental harmony, because it’s fun. Ivory Bridge loves its music and loves to share it with the audience.

Laying like an off white stripe across the bridge of Bill’s old Martin D-18 guitar is the saddle which happens to be carved from fossilized Alaskan walrus tusk.  This ivory is what gave Kathe the idea for the Band’s name.

Bill Liners ~ Kathe Liners
~ John Bodle ~ Jim Tordoff








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